Metronomy live for La Blogothèque

La Blogothèque has been offering take away concerts for several years in impressive and original places. Today, it’s Metronomy’s turn to perform live at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport with just Joseph Mount and drummer Anna Prior playing « 16 Beat » enhanced by four perfectly coordinated dancers. Read More

Skrillex joins Mr. Oizo on his album

A few months after the very pop “Hand in the Fire” featuring Charli XCX and a couple of weeks before “All Wet”, his new album to be released on September 30th, Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo invited Skrillex on the powerful “End of the World”. A provocative comeback… Read More

It’s Boston Bun’s turn to remix Metronomy!

After Fatima Yamaha and The Juan Maclean, it’s Boston Bun’s turn to take part in the series of Metronomy remixes. The French producer, from the Ed Banger team, gives a whole new dance floor dimension to “Night Owl” and the pulsating synthesisers extend the summer. Read More

Major Lazer invites Justin Bieber and MØ

A year ago, Major Lazer was in all the summer playlists with the famous « Lean On », which became the most streamed song in the history of Spotify. Today, Diplo’s band is collaborating with Mø again on « Cold Water » along with Justin Bieber. Bieber had already worked with… Read More

Justice is back with a new single

Five years after their second album Audio, Video, Disco, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay are back with a new single, “Safe and Sound”, available for free download here. Their new single draws on their disco influences and relies on a very prominent funky bass guitar. Read More

Christine and the Queens leaves on tour to America

After airing on Apple Beats 1 and singing a couple of songs from the English version of her album on the Daily Show, Christine and the Queens leaves for a tour of North America with dates in Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. See the dates here. Read More

Calypso Rose live on C à Vous

The set of C à Vous was very busy to welcome Calypso Rose and her six musicians. The ambassador of calypso music and of Trinidad and Tobago got everyone dancing on the set of the France Télévisions programme by playing “Calypso Queen”, the hit song from her album released last… Read More

Kulkid’s remix of “Fear Nothing” by Selah Sue

A year after the release of her album Reason, Selah Sue is back with a Kulkid’s dance music oriented remix. It gives “Fear Nothing” a new and epic dimension thanks to the French producer’s arrangements. However, the remix keeps the song’s emotion with the addition of strings.  … Read More

A new choreographed music video for Klyne

After its first EP Closer, Dutch electro-pop-soul duo Klyne releases a new single, “Lend Me Another Name.” A steamy video, directed by Alan Masferrer, depicts a female dancer stretching on the water surface as if double-jointed, while an octopus grabs her with its tentacles. Read More

Metronomy released a third single from its new album!

After “Old Skool” and “Back Together”, it’s now “Night Owl”’s turn to be released. This single, taken from its upcoming album Summer 08, is the perfect summer companion with its pop melody, Metronomy-esque guitars, and synthesisers. Back to basics!… Read More

Patrice launches his great comeback with a new single

The Rising of the Son, Patrice’s seventh album, was released three years ago already. Life’s Blood will end the long wait when it is released on September 30th. You can already check out the album’s first music video: the very danceable “Burning Bridges”, directed by Patrice himself in Jamaica. Read More

The perfect track list according to Metronomy

Konbini asked Joseph Mount about his personal relationship to music: the first single he bought, the best single to start a set, his guilty pleasure… everything. In this interview we can learn a lot about the front man of Metronomy, even that he’s a fan of Beyoncé and that he… Read More

After Metronomy, Fatima Yamaha remixes Breakbot too

Breakbot’s “2Good4Me”, from its latest album Still Waters, was remixed by the expert hands of Fatima Yamaha, who is also accredited with the 2015 hit “What’s a Girl to Do.” The Dutch producer remixed Metronomy’s “Old Skool” last month giving it a darker spin than the original. Read More

Metronomy invites Robyn on its new single

Last October, Robyn and Joseph Mount, Metronomy’s front man, had already secretly collaborated on the original soundtrack from the film Partisan, under the pseudonyms “Tony Primo” and “Nixxie”. They’re back together again on Metronomy’s fifth album, Summer 08, linked by the bouncing bass guitar of “Hang Me Out To Dry.”… Read More

Metronomy’s fifth album is out!

Only two years after the lo-fi Love Letters, Metronomy’s new album, Summer 08, was released on July 1st. In a tribute to 2008, the year in which Joseph Mount’s band met its first success, Summer 08 includes of course the latest singles: “Old Skool”, “Back Together” and “Hang Me Out… Read More

An interactive music video for Cassius’s new single

To keep us waiting until the release of their new album Ibifornia on August 26th, Boombass and Zdar dropped an interactive music video for “The Missing”, their collaboration with singer Ryan Tedder! Click on the different characters to change the actors and try all the possible love combinations. Visit… Read More

Minuit explores Paris in its new music video

After “Flash” and “Caféine”, the young band Minuit is already releasing its third music video for the final single from its debut EP simply called Minuit. “Sur Les Berges” takes us through the streets of Paris from Pigalle to the pinky lights of a karaoke bar, on what we imagine to… Read More

Best Of Ed Banger Records on Apple Music

We nostalgically remember Uffie’s famous “Pop the Glock” and Carte Blanche’s “Gare du Nord,” but the Ed Banger’s tracklist is not reserved for songs from “the good ol’ days.” Recent releases like “Get Lost” from Breakbot are still on top of the game. No doubt, Ed Bangers’s got the cream of the… Read More

Flat Eric seduces Flat Eric in Mr Oizo’s new clip

“Hand In The Fire” is the video debut of Flat Eric’s big comeback. This mythical yellow hairball reclaims his stage on a convertible car road trip. Eric tries to charm another yellow hairball, but the wind suddenly blows the second hairball’s wig off. This leaves two identical hairballs and leaves viewers wondering… Read More

In the mood of The Limiñanas

The duo half-yéyé half-garage invites us to explore his moods by compiling this playlist Apple Music full of golden tracks. There, we meet their cousins from JC Satan french pop-garage, some inescapable gods as Nick Cave or Bowie, and also the regretted Captain Beefheart. Read More

We Love Green unveils its Line Up

The Parisian-ecological festival, set to take place on the 4th and 5th of June at Bois de Vincennes, unveiled the entire lineup. Fans can find LCD Soundsystem, Diplo, James Blake, PJ Harvey, Air, PNL, Ame, Hudson Mohawke, Floating Points, Hot Chip, FKJ… and the list goes on. The 6th edition will be the most… Read More

Lido, the Master!

Stop Right Now: in this video it’s not about getting yet another eyeful in a famous Parisian club. Instead, viewers take part in a digital-revolution music session directed by Lido as a futurist conductor and (nearly reverential) Master of sounds and lights with an auto-tune base. Read More

Travel into the 70’s on the Cosmic Machine

Uncle O leaves his usual field of illustrating and DJ-ing, and reinvents himself as a miner of golden tracks from space in the new episode of the Cosmic Machine project. This episode serves as a beautiful cartography of 1971-1983 and simultaneously stands as a hallmark example of O’s pioneering in sound research. Read More

The British conquest of Christine and the Queens

After successfully conquering France and America,  Christine and the Queens continued her victorious epic in the United Kingdom. On Later With Jools Holland, a British music television show, Christine showed what she can do. Queen Elizabeth better watch out. Read More

Jodie Abacus is going on Weekend

Burning sun, blue skies and ocean as far as the eye can see… All of that is celebrated in Jodie Abacus‘ new music video featuring a funky track (with similarities to Pharrell Williams’ intoxicating sound) that makes you want to dance, but also to go far, far away for the weekend. Read More

Declan McKenna, spokesman of LGBT cause

The young pop-rock English star released a new music video to defend his first EP Stains. In the “Paracetamol” video, he breaks the caricatural media depiction of transexuals by inviting director Matt Lambert and his camera to follow two teenagers who are navigating on the waters of gender fluidity. Read More

Major Lazer “Light It Up” directed in Ghana

“Light It Up” from Peace Is The Mission has been remixed with the vocal contribution of Fuse ODG. The vocalist is of Ghanian descent. The music video returns to Ghana to depict a typical funeral ceremony of the country. The theme deals with saying goodbye to someone close to you by celebrating life; the… Read More

Cassius brings us to a party in Ibifornia

Cassius takes viewers on a vacation and a trip in his music video Action. The video brings us to an international fair on a Polynesian island. Golden gorillas may rule the land, but this is undoubtedly Cassius’s crazy universe. Read More

Christine, Queen of the disco dress

Introduced by Florence Foresti, the fiery master of ceremonies who had excellently parodied the Christine clip, Christine and the Queens overshadowed the cinema stars during the last César ceremony by performing “It’s Only Mystery,” an unforgettable hit from Luc Besson’s Subway. Sequined in her disco suit and perched on stilts, Heloise was a step ahead… Read More

Mind Enterprises: a wet video for ‘Girlfriend’

Listening to Andrea Tirone’s (AKA “Mind Enterprises”) first album Idealist, Todd Terje influences are apparent, as well as some of the inspiring African disco sounds of William Onyeabor. Andrea visualizes her sound with a music video for “Girlfriend.” A pair of teenagers flirting in a swimming pool, the first flutters of… Read More

MMoths unveiled a new video for ‘Eva’

Finally! Since falling under the spell of ‘Eva’, fans have been waiting for visuals to pair with this strange and dreamy electronic soul. German director Jonas Lindstroem perfectly identified the track’s mood by delving deeper into the oddity. The video takes several viewings to comprehend, and that’s a good place to be. Read More

Major Lazer‘s new clip for “Be Together”

Fictional Press: Major Lazer died in a moto accident. On Route 66, the doubles of Diplo and Wild Belle suffered a motorcycle crash. The producer’s alter ego died on the spot, but his girlfriend is strangely unscathed from the accident. The circumstances are far from determined, and no witnesses have come forward… Read More