It’s been three years since we last heard from the Plastiscines, the first all-female French rock band to make it into the big time. We last saw them at the end of November 2010 at La Cigale in Paris, where they brought their year-long B.I.T.C.H. tour around Europe and to the US and Brazil to a riproaring conclusion. But the Plastiscines haven’t had time to sit around doing nothing and now they’re ready to roll with a new single and their third album.

Anaïs, Katty and Louise (just the three of them now) are showing a new side to the Plastiscines. More urban (in the pop sense of the word), but that doesn’t mean they’ve left their guitars in the garage. The first excerpts from the new album prove it’s working: “Coming To Get You” is an electro-pop rebel anthem and “Comment Faire” is an unstoppable, guitar-driven pop tornado with a catchy chorus that bores its way into your brain and could well be the hit of the summer.

On this new album, the Plastiscines have sucked up some of the energy of 80s girls bands like Blondie, Bananarama and The Bangles to make dancier pop tracks featuring pianos and synthesizers that move away from their old garage rock sound.

With the help of producers like Rac, Alalal, Stacy Jones, Jeff Kite and Mirwais, the Plastiscines’ new album adds a dose of carefree pop spirit to their rock’n’roll past and will have you pirouetting across the dancefloor.

A great comeback that confirms that rock is all about chicks – and no one can beat the Plastiscines at this game!

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